Big Brother 2013's Gina Rio branded a 'fake' who drives "a clapped-out Peugeot"

Gina Rio (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2013 housemate Gina Rio has been accused of faking her claims of being a rich and spoilt socialite.

Going into the house this month, Gina spoke about how she was the "most spoilt girl in Britain", claiming to get a £10,000 allowance from her mother while living at the Savoy, costing up to £20,000 a month in rent.

But the Daily Star report that, not exactly surprisingly, Gina is just a wannabe who's boasts are nothing more than hot air.

One of her former bosses, Donovan Dwyer, managed a girl band that Gina had been in, but fired her for being 'fake'.

He told the newspaper: “The Gina you see on Big Brother is the same Gina we experienced in the group. It’s like history repeating. Fake.”

Donovan, who was in charge of Addictive Girlz in 2009, added: “She couldn’t sing. She couldn’t dance. She was a nightmare.

"We were marketing the group for a young teen crowd and doing promotions in schools, but Gina would turn up dressed ready for a porn film with her nipples showing. It was highly inappropriate.

“She caused friction in the group by thinking she was a class above everyone. The other girls hated her. After three months we got rid of her.”

One of her former bandmates added to the tabloid: “I saw her accuse Jemima of racism last week. She did the same to us.

“Just because we didn’t get on with her, she played the race card, accusing us of picking on her just because of her colour.

“It was total rubbish. We didn’t get on because she caused rows, turned up late for rehearsals, dressed inappropriately for gigs and couldn’t sing.

“We saw no evidence of wealth at all. She dressed like a Primark catalogue and drove a clapped-out Peugeot.”

Meanwhile, Gina's claims of living in a £1 million central London house with a swimming pool and home cinema were also doubted.

Records suggest that in fact, Gina lives with her parents in a council flat in Islington, with a neighbour quoted as saying: “I’ve seen her around a few times. I think she shares the place with her mum.”

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