Big Brother 2013: Does Dexter Koh have a twin in the house?


Some of the Big Brother UK housemates have convinced themselves that Dexter Koh has a secret twin.

Proving that the paranoia left behind by Michael the mole has continued to spread, Jackie speculated that Dexter and his twin swapped during the night.

The theories started after some of the group became intrigued after watching Dexter in the shower.

"I was in the shower and I thought that was very odd. They're swapping. They might be swapping Dexter around with a twin brother," she told the other housemates today. "There was no way that was Dexter in the shower this morning."

But the official BB Twitter was quick to confirm: "The HMs are convinced that Dexter is a twin and that they swap out during the night. To confirm, this is not true. #BBUKLIVE"

Meanwhile, Hazel and Jemima were in the bedroom also discussing Dexter’s behaviour.

“Do you know he was asking me what I’m like in bed? Yeah and then he said to me, oh I bet you’re really dominant in bed," Jemima said. "He said I bet you’re really sexual. And I said you know what, I said, you’ll never know.”

Hazel replied: “How inappropriate is he? I mean all well and good friendly banter and all and having a friendly laugh, we’ll all having that.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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