Big Brother 2013: Day 11 highlights and recap


Day 11 in the Big Brother 2013 saw the first nominations of the series, with three housemates being put up for the vote.

In the living area, Charlie, Jackie, Hazel & Jemima discuss who they think Dexter will nominate. Dexter walks in and the conversation changes to reasons why people nominate, Dexter joins in the conversation.

In the garden, Dexter collects the potatoes from the vegetable patch and Gina remarks about how she is now put off eating potatoes since seeing them come out the ground because they are so dirty.

Housemates are gathered in the living area to be told they broke the rules three times during the day. Hazel, Joe, Jackie and Jemima are all sent to the Big Brother jail for discussing nominations throughout the day.

With the rule breakers in jail, the remaining housemates are given alcohol. Drinking games ensue and Daley begins to rap.

Gina is in the diary room discussing her regrets over nominating Dexter. Gina sympathises with him after talking to him in the garden about his gambling addiction. She feels she has misinterpreted him.

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