Big Brother 2013: Jackie Travers given animal impersonation task


Big Brother has set Jackie Travers a special task, one that will make a real pig out of her in front of the other housemates.

In order to win a slap up meal for the house this evening - and having been on basic rations for two weeks, they could do with it - the housemates must guess what animal Jackie is trying to impersonate. But, she can only impersonate the animal in the way that animal eats their food.

How it Works

The housemates are gathered at the sofas. Jackie is called to the diary room. Inside is a Monkey Butler who will present plates of food and Jackie is told that the rest of the house must guess what animal she is, but only by watching her eat.

The monkey butler presents a clothe on the table, then shows Jackie the menu, which tells her what animal she should eat like..

The rest of the housemates are watching on the sofas. If the housemates correctly guess over half animals correctly, they can pick any of the meals that were eaten for dinner

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