Big Brother 2013 nominations cause rows in the house


The latest set of Big Brother 2013 nominations are set to be revealed soon, but the waiting is getting to some housemates.

Yesterday morning saw the thirteen remaining housemates nominate for the first time, with no twists or turns.

This evening will see Big Brother announce the results and for three unlucky housemates, it'll be a case of packing their bags and preparing to leave on Friday night.

But the long wait has seen some of the group get rather annoyed and it's let to both rows and some rule breaks.

Already Big Brother has punished Joe, Hazel, Jemima and Jackie for talking about nominations, sending them to the prison overnight.

And Dexter came perilously close to joining them this morning as he spoke about the possible results.

Over breakfast, he speculated: "Because every one in here is so fickle it'll be a continuation of the stuff that hapepend last week so I think I'm bound to be up and one other person.

"People are making tactical decisions."

But the Jack half of Joe and Jack didn't take too kindly to being branding fickle.

He snapped: "Calling people fickle isn't gong to help, calling people fickle will just get you further deep into the pool."

Check back tonight for the results of the nominations!

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