Big Brother 2013 housemates to get tricked again!


Big Brother is set to mess with the housemates once again this week for the latest shopping task.

It's the second time the group will have competed for a luxury budget, but at least this week they'll actually stand a chance.

Last week saw Mole Michael purposely sabotage their first task, leaving the group with a week on basic rations of rice, chickpeas and lentils.

This week will see the group given a Deadset style shopping task, with Big Brother playing a trick on the thirteen remaining housemates.

A VT - hosted by Bit On The Side's AJ - will be played into the house and the housemates will be fooled (in theory) into thinking that something terrible has happened on the outside world.

They will be told that they need to work together to protect themselves from an outside attack, but will they manage it?

The shopping task kicks off tomorrow, leaving the group with a rather empty day today.

It's just going to be a nervous wait as they ponder the latest nomination results tonight.

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