Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal worries bosses after blabbing about his work

Dan Neal (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother detective Dan Neal has worried his former Police bosses after it was revealed he's been blabbing about his investigations in the house.

Evicted housemate Sallie Axl has claimed that Dan "spoke loads" about his work on the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal investigation, known as Operation Yewtree.

Speaking to the Daily Star after her exit last Friday night, Sallie said; He said he was in a big child sex abuse case.

“He spoke loads about it. I spent days with him chatting about it.”

But she added: “He said a lot of people were involved and he had to respect their privacy.”

Officers at Scotland Yard have already warned Channel 5 bosses over how they edit comments made by Dan on the show.

"Until we know exactly what was said, no action is being taken at this time," a spokesperson for the Police told the newspaper. “Clearly this conversation has not been broadcast but we have made it clear we cannot allow our investigations to be jeopardised.

“Our care for the victims is of utmost importance.”

A show spokesman added: “Channel 5 takes its obligations as a broadcaster seriously and, as has been made clear to New Scotland Yard, extensive procedures are in place to ensure nothing will be broadcast which would involve the former police officer breaching confidentiality, invading the privacy of others, committing libel or a contempt of court.”

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