Big Brother UK: Dexter Koh, Wolfy Millington outcast by the group


Big Brother 2013 housemates Dexter Koh and Wolfy Millington find themselves both outcast by the group in tonight's show.

Dexter's apparent scheming and Wolfy's alleged acting abilities sees the pair become outsiders from the rest of the house.

And duo are seen bonding at the end of the show as they contemplate another nine weeks inside.

"“It’s just one of those things, it’s the f***king Chinese Whisper game," Wolfy complained. " I get on with the twins so much and they came out saying I was an actor, today."

“You also have to understand that some of the things we say also affect people that are not in this room. That was the point I was trying to make," Dexter replied. “I think you are in one of the strongest positions in the house.”

A downtrodden Wolfy continued “But I am a freak within this house, I’ve heard people call me weird, I can’t be swayed or influenced by other people, I’ve always been who I am.”

Dexter however argued: “We’re all eccentric in our own way otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

"I respect you for that Wolfy and you’re a much stronger person than I will ever be."

Watch Big Brother 2013 on Channel 5 tonight from 9PM.

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