Big Brother 2013: Day 10 highlights and recap


It's Day 10 in the Big Brother 2013 house and suspicions are everywhere.

Last night Sallie was the first housemate to leave the Big Brother house and Michael was revealed as an actor before also leaving the house.

Callum gives Charlie a hand massage while in the bedroom while Sam and Daley provide their own private commentary.

Big Brother gives the housemates a few things to think on for housemates to take part in the Remember Remember task.

Callum is surprised to hear Charlie confess to some of her housemates that although she may come across as confident, she is actually quite shy.

Tension mounts in the house during the Remember Remember task as Big Brother quotes from various housemates’ conversations.

Dexter takes offence after hearing that Wolfy has been talking about his feelings for Hazel.

Sam confesses to Jackie that although he finds Hazel attractive, he would rather be with a woman like Charlie.

Dexter gets frank with Jemima and tells her that he prefers to be in a sexual relationship with a woman that has as much experience as she does.

Dan and Hazel have a late night heart to heart about the housemates that they have yet to connect with.

Dexter tells Wolfy that he was upset that she has been talking about him and Hazel and Wolfy tells it like it is.

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