Big Brother 2013 housemates compete in 'Dull Daily Quiz' task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates were split into teams yesterday for a new task.

After Sallie and Michael's double exit on Friday, the house was left in a paranoid mess with much speculation wildly getting out of control.

Big Bro stepped in to help take the remaining housemates' minds off trying to figure out if there were any more actors in the house with a team quiz.

The 13 remaining housemates (which are actually a total of 14 people, with the twins) were split into two teams of seven and went head to head on a memory test.

Big Brother told the group that they should focus on everything that went on around them throughout the day ahead of the game in the evening.

Throughout the day, Big Brother unleashed a series bizarre and surreal events on the housemates.

Come 9PM, Big Brother gathered the housemates up again and quizzed them on the day's events to make sure they had been paying attention.

However, there was a twist - this is Big Brother, after all.

Big Brother's unusual occurrences were merely a distraction from the real, rather boring questions that were going to be asked.

Questions included things like "how many cups of tea has Sophie made today?"

The winning team won a prize, while the losers got nothing!

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