Big Brother UK: Dexter Koh 'fancies' Dan Neal!

Dexter Kok (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother's Dexter Koh has admitted he would fancy Dan Neal... if he were gay.

In tonight's Dan approaches Dexter for the first time since their clash two nights ago after the Suggestion Box task. Gina is standing with them.

“We haven’t clicked, I’m not sure if I like you, people have said you stir things up a bit," Dan told him.

Dexter replied: “No disrespect to the house but only a few people are on a certain level, you’re on the same level as me, that’s why we clash.

"I don’t dislike you, to be honest with you I am a little bit metro-sexual and I think Dan is a very very attractive guy."

He added: "If I was gay, I’d probably go for someone like Dan. That’s says a lot for me to be able to admit that. In the long run we’ll clash because we’ve got very similar…”

Gina agreed: “Like how me and Sallie clashed.”

“Exactly," remarked Dan, hugging Dexter and ruffling his hair, "It’s all a f***king game isn’t it.”

Big Brother UK airs tonight on Channel 5 from 21:20.

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