Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal brands Wolfy Millington an actress


After being branded both ugly and unhygienic, poor Big Brother housemate Wolfy Millington has another tag to cope with now.

Following Sallie’s eviction yesterday, Big Brother revealed to housemates that Michael is in fact an actor.

The housemates cheered as Michael’s viewer led antics were shown on the TV screen, but once Michael left the house, Dan headed to the diary room to speak to Big Brother.

Dan said: “I feel relieved, I knew that Michael would go tonight, I knew that he was an actor, I knew they’d get their suitcases back."

And he speculated: "But, I’m sorry to say, that’s not it, I know there’s another actor in the house. Wolfy, she’s an actor, no doubt."

He bragged: "Well I was in the police for 10 ½ years, I was a good police officer. I’m confident in my skills."

Meanwhile, some of the other housemates are in the bedroom talking about Dan. They thought that he may also be an actor as Dan and the rest of the housemates were in the garden all promising to be who they say they are.

Jackie suggested: “I don’t believe he’s a detective, he’s 33 years old, I don’t believe you become a detective (at that age), he’s very young.

Callum, who apparently is still in the house, chipped in: “Why would you leave an illustrious career for this?”

Big Brother airs tonight from 9:20PM on Channel 5.

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