Big Brother 2013 housemates now think Dan Neal is a mole!

Dan Neal (Big Brother 2013)

The revelation of Michael the mole has sent the Big Brother 2013 house into a paranoid mess, even more than usual!

Last night BB revealed all about apparent Irish postie Michael, telling the housemates how the actor had in fact been doing the public's dirty work.

It left the house confused and it wasn't long before more conspiracy theories were being formulated.

Speaking in the early hours, Jack and Jackie thought that copper Dan Neal was also an actor.

Jackie reasoned: "He's in on the Michael thing and I don't believe he's a detective because he's too showbizzy. He's larger than life.

"He went so on about it [Michael being an actor] and kept on about it, I thought, you're not a detective!"

Dan meanwhile insisted: "I would love to be an actor but I'm not, I'm really not," before letting slip that he thought someone else was an actor, but refused to name who!

With the first (real) nominations looming tomorrow, Hazel quipped: "We're going to be nominating everyone for being an actor now."

But the Irish model seemed somewhat upset after she was ruled out of being a mole, asking: "Why couldn't I be an actor?"

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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