Big Brother 2013 housemates react to mole Michael reveal

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The Big Brother 2013 housemates have been reacting to the news that they've been played by Mole Michael Dylan.

After the first eviction exit, mole Michael Dylan was revealed to the remaining housemates, before making a quick escape from the house himself!

A VT showed everything to the housemates, including how Michael's decisions were really those of the public.

After leaving, he told BB host Emma Willis: "It was intense, it was a nice challenge but it was a lot of fun.

"The most difficult part for me was making some friends in there, I got to see people's real lives in there and getting to know people and them trusting I was who I said I was."

Back in the house, an overly smug Dan Neal bragged: "I was the only one who said it all the way through."

But there were tears from Wolfy after she realised it was the public and not the house who had named her the most ugly and last hygienic housemate. She cried: "Now I feel even worse because that's what the public said about me. "

However there was some good news after Big Brother revealed that the suitcases shredded on the first day were safe and were in the store room ready for the housemates to collect.

Watch all the fallout on tonight's show from 9:20PM on Channel 5.