Big Brother 2013: Mole Michael Dylan revealed to the housemates

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Big Brother 2013 mole Michael Dylan's identity was revealed to the housemates tonight, as he left the house.

Michael entered the house on Day 1 like any other housemate, but the cheeky Irish postman wasn’t as he seemed.

Rather an actor, Michael has been working for both Big Brother and us viewers for the past week.

He's chosen the first nominees, saved one housemate from eviction, shredded suitcases, caused numerous rows, tears and left most of the house in a paranoid mess.

This evening his one week stay came to an end as Big Brother revealed the secret following the first Big Brother UK eviction results of the series.

Emma spoke to the house to spook the housemates, telling them: "Tonight is a double eviction, the second housemate to leave the Big Brother house is Michael.

"However, this isn't a normal eviction, housemates... we've got something to show you."

A VT then played recapping the weeks events and revealed all, from how the nominations were really the public's to how Wolfy's anger at Michael during yesterday's task was rather misplaced.

Michael then left the house to cheers and claps from the house, but Wolfy seemed more upset to learn that it was in fact the public and not Michael who had branded her the ugliest and least hygienic housemate.

Speaking to Emma after his exit, Michael said: "It was intense, it was a nice challenge but it was a lot of fun.

"The most difficult part for me was making some friends in there, I got to see people's real lives in there and getting to know people and them trusting I was who I said I was.

"But I'm not going in there as a housemate or to make friends, I'm going in there to work for Big Brother, it's a job."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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