Big Brother 2013: Day 8 highlights and recap


Day 8 of the Big Brother 2013 house saw tears and tantrums in the house after another task involving mole Michael.

The day started in the garden, where Sam and Dan talk about Charlie being ‘unbelievably good looking’ and how she doesn’t know it. Sam comments ‘her bum is amazing’.

Dexter asks Hazel about her sisters and if they are models. She asks if he wants to know for any particular reason.

Hazel and Dan discuss Friday’s eviction. They feel that Sallie will go.

Wolfy and Sallie are talking in the garden about Dexter calling him a worm and a snake.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about Dexter constantly flirting with Hazel. They feel that she doesn’t flirt with anyone in the house; Dan thinks Hazel does flirt with him.

Housemates are set a task involving Michael. In the Diary Room, he must assign certain tags to housemates, such as the most attractive. Nominated housemates Sallie and Gina must predict Michael's answers, winning a party invite for every correct prediction. The answers however are not Michael's, but rather the public's.

During the task, Jemima states that she is the most hygienic housemate, Dan tells her she can’t just say that and that it’s not all about her. Sallie tells Jemima that she needs to think about other people’s feelings before she speaks as Wolfy is already upset about being labelled the least attractive housemate by Michael (the public).

Gina, Sallie and the housemates they have chosen to invite to their eviction party are in the kitchen dancing to the music provided by Big Brother. Michael goes to the toilet to dance as he is pretending to be upset about his part he played in the task and is unable to enjoy himself around the other housemates.

The uninvited housemates are taught Welsh by Sam in the garden.

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