Big Brother 2013: Birthday girl Charlie Travers gets party task


Big Brother 2013 birthday girl Charlie Travers will get a special task today as she celebrates her birthday in the house.

However this is a Big Brother Birthday, and it may not be all that enjoyable.

Big Brother will call Charlie to the diary room to celebrate her birthday time and time again in the task, called Groundog Birthday.

When she sits down, a fanfare goes off and Big Brother wishes her a Happy Birthday.

On a table in front of her is a present. Big Brother reveals that she will be taking part in a game of pass the parcel, and that when the music stops, she should unwrap a layer of the present.

Big Brother tells her that this is a Birthday present for her to enjoy. After all the layers are unwrapped, Charlie will open the box to find a party hat and party blower.

Charlie will receive a birthday party later today, which will consist of one cupcake.

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