Big Brother 2013 housemates think Michael Dylan fancies Dan Neal!

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Yesterday's Impolite Invitation task has left the Big Brother 2013 housemates all rather confused.

As it was either Gina or Sallie’s last night in the house, Big Brother decided to treat some of the housemates to a party in their honour, but they first had to win invites.

As Head Housemate, Michael was called to the diary room and asked to assign some personality traits to housemates of his choice, such as the Kindest housemate, Sexiest housemate and Most Fake housemate.

Unbeknownst to the housemates of course, it was not actually Michael making these decisions, but the public via a vote on the Big Brother website, and it made the results rather awkward for Michael.

In order to gain invitations to the party, Gina and Sallie simply had to guess which housemate Michael will choose, before watching Michael’s decision from the Diary Room to see if they won.

Here's how the results went:

Who is the sexiest housemate? – DAN
Who is the least attractive housemate? – WOLFY
Who is the most annoying housemate? – SALLIE
Who is the most fake housemate? – GINA
Who is the most intelligent housemate? – DAN
Who is the least hygienic housemate? – WOLFY
Who is the funniest housemate? – JACK & JOE
Who is the most argumentative housemate? – SALLIE
Who is the most unique housemate? – WOLFY
Who is the most boring housemate? – CALLUM

Having chosen Dan as both the sexiest and most intelligent housemate, Michael was quickly put under the spotlight (again) by his other housemates.

"Dan thinks you've got a weird thing with him," Dexter told Michael, "Like an infatuation thing."

However Michael insisted that he was just trying to be "neutral" and explained he chose Dan because he didn't want to see Big Brother make a story between him and Hazel, if he had chosen her.

Watch all the fallout from the task on tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5.