Big Brother 2013 housemates told 'Dan is an actor' by message from the outside!

Big Brother 2013

There's another wave of paranoid on Big Brother 2013 tonight, as the housemates get a message from the outside.

Dexter is seen watering the vegetable patch when he notices a tennis ball in the garden with a message on it, reading ‘Dan is an actor’.

In fear of getting in trouble, Dexter indirectly tells Gina and Wolfy about the ball but they fail to get the fist of what he means.

Dexter tells the pair: “I’m not gonna take the risk cos I don’t’ wanna end up in jail.”

“What do I look out for, lip read, lip read, lip read. Whereabouts, what do I look out for," Gina asked.

Dexter told her: “You’ll know when you find it.”

Sophie however still wasn't getting it, and snapped: “I don’t’ think you should say things like that and then not follow through.”

Dexter persisted: “I don’t want it to change anything for anybody, everybody just go inside and I’ll point it out to Big Brother.”

Big Brother then boomed into the house: “This is Big Brother, will all housemates return to the house immediately.”

With the housemates eventually catching on to what happened, Wolfy told Dexter: “I know that you read it cos nature has never steered me wrong before, you can take the p**s out of me, I talk to flies, so what.

"But you know what, you like to be in that position of power, it gives you a cheap thrill, that is my genuine feeling about it. You like to be in that position of power, it gave you that position of power and you won’t disclose that information until you feel the time is right.”

Will Dex keep this supposed revelation to himself?

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