Big Brother UK eviction: Sallie Axl reckons she may be saved

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Sallie Axl and Gina Rio face eviction from the Big Brother 2013 house tonight, and talk has turned to which one of them will go.

Gina is facing off against Sallie in the first eviction after the pair were nominated by the public at the weekend.

They were originally facing eviction alongside Dexter Koh, but he was saved having received the fewest votes by Wednesday night's voting freeze.

With no tasks to keep them busy today, the pair have been left to wonder about their fate.

"I feel like I’m going to go but then someone else told me I’m not going to go, so I've got like halfy halfy, 50, 50," Sallie said. "At some points I’m like ‘maybe I’ll stay’ because everyone is like ‘Oh, you’ll stay.’

"Maybe I’m a really strong character and I didn’t even realise [it]. You don’t even know. You could be one of the strongest characters in here, you don’t know."

But if she does leave, Sallie insisted: "I don't think I'll take it badly, I'll just be disappointed in myself."

Gina meanwhile said: "You just don’t know, that’s why I’m just not thinking about it. Only like now and then since yesterday I’ve just been thinking but you know, whatever happens, happens, it's fine.

"Either way, I'm fine."

However if it is her name that Emma Willis calls out in the live show, Gina has her own plans to celebrate freedom.

She added: "I’m think going to go to the Maldives or Barbados or somewhere like that, I need a holiday after this, definitely."

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Join Emma Willis for the eviction result live this evening from 9PM on Channel 5.