Big Brother 2013: 151 people complain to Ofcom over Jemima Slade's 'racism' warning


More than a 150 people have complained to telly watchdog Ofcom after Big Brother bosses issued Jemima Slade a warning earlier this week over apparent offensive comments.

Jemima was called into the Diary Room by Big Brother after a row with Gina Rio, following what started out as an innocent discussion about guys.

“I go for darker looking, not black, but darker feature, Mediterranean. I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy," Jemima said. "I like darker guys, but not black guys. Wouldn’t really go for Chinese. I like mixed race.”

She told Gina: “I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy…, I’ve gone out with Indian guys, I’d generally go out with someone in there 30s.”

Jemima later added: "You probably wouldn’t go for a white guy."

But Gina took offense to the remarks, branding Jemima "racist".

BB hauled Jemima into the Diary Room and warned her that the comments could be seen as offensive by her fellow housemates and viewers.

However fans have been quick to stand up for Jemima, claiming Channel 5's warning was not needed.

Writing on our site, one commentator said: "Channel 5 needs to issue an Apology to Jemima.... This is disgusting - Not one bit of what she said was racist."

And Joe Mount agreed, quipping: "How is it any different to her saying she prefers younger men? That's not ageist yet this is racist? Come on BB man up (sorry if that sounds sexist)"

It seems like they aren't the only ones to feel the warning as over the top, with 151 complaints having been made to Ofcom already, who will decide whether or not to investigate the issue.

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