Big Brother UK: Dan Neal clashes with Dexter Koh over mole Michael

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There's been more rows in the Big Brother 2013 house tonight, following the fallout of the first eviction results.

Last night saw Dexter Koh saved in the first half of the Big Brother 2013 eviction results, after the voting lines were frozen.

On Monday night, Dexter, Gina Rio and Sallie Axl were put up for eviction after all topping a public poll, with lines temporarily freezing yesterday evening.

The housemates believed that head housemate (and mole) Michael had the power to save one housemate, where as in fact the housemate who has received the least amount of public votes so far was saved.

Each of the nominated housemates had to make a plea to Michael, and Dexter's plea involved him revealing how he stuck up for Michael in secret in the day's Suggestion Box task.

Dexter revealed that he had written the anonymous suggestion to Dan Neal, telling the former copper to "stop being so bitchy" and to "back off" Michael.

But Dexter's admission caused fireworks from not only Dan but also Sallie, who branded him a "snake".

"I think you're a sly snake doing that to him [Dan]," Sallie told Dex. "I hate sneaky people, I don't surround myself by them, they're like vermin."

Dexter tried to defend himself: "I felt that someone needed to stick up for Michael."

But later, Dexter tried to make amends with Dan, sort of, telling: "I stand by what I said, but perhaps bitchy was the wrong word."

Having calmed down, a rather gracious Dan replied: "I do appreicate you saying that, but I don't like being used as a tool [for you to escape eviction].

"What you've said, whether you believe it or said it for ulterior motives, I don't care now."

Watch all the eviction fallout tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.