Big Brother 2013: Day 6 highlights and recap


Day 6 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the first shopping task for the new housemates.

Sallie, Hazel and Dexter are talking about last night on the girl’s bed and blame alcohol for making them emotional about Michael’s reasons for nominating.

Michael and Callum are in the garden discussing Michael’s role as head housemate. They claim that this has made him segregated from the group. Michael is tells Callum that he feels he cannot join in with any group conversations because they are always calling him a liar. Michael says ‘People will see when they get out, they’ll see, then they’ll go they we’re bloody idiots. The game is designed to be like that.’

Wolfy and Dexter are in the garden talking about Sallie. Wolfy feels that Sallie will not be evicted on Friday because she is a controversial character and the people at home will like that, despite Sallie thinking the opposite.

Callum and Charlie are getting closer in tonight’s episode. Callum teaches Charlie how to dance, while they are very tactile with each other. Later, Callum inspects Charlie’s hands whilst they sit close on the sofa together. ‘You’ve got beautiful hands’.

Housemates take on their first shopping task ‘Stackable Shopping’. Big Brother tells Michael that the viewers have voted for him to sabotage the task.

Dan and some of the other housemates are in the garden discussing yet more conspiracy theories. They believe Dan is right about Michael and claim that his skills as an ex-policeman means that he has a gift for sensing lies. Dan hopes he is right otherwise he will look stupid after his long career on the force.

As he is head housemate, Big Brother treats Michael to a chicken dinner. Big Brother instructs him to eat his meal in the house not in the diary room. Michael eats at the dinner table as Dexter and Jemima are hovering around him.

Wolfy and Michael are in the bedroom taking about honesty. They discuss being genuine in the house and mention how obvious it is when housemates are talking about Michael as he enters a room. He admits that he can hear them from the bedroom and they reveal that it upsets them.

In the tree house Dexter talks to Jemima about her sex drive, is she ‘a sexually charged person?’ Dexter goes on to say that he thinks a woman like Jemima ‘could definitely put me through my paces’.

Hazel is in the diary room discussing her feelings about Dexter flirting with her. She feels that as it is potentially Dexter’s last week he is playing a game and trying to make something out of nothing.

In the kitchen Sam tells Callum and Daley that he thinks that when the show is over, Callum and Charlie will become a couple if he keeps going the way he is. Callum refuses to discuss it and says that Charlie is a ‘good girl’.

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