Big Brother 2013: Mole Michael cracks with the housemates on to him

Big Brother 2013 new eye

It all got a bit too much for Michael Dylan in the Big Brother 2013 house last night.

Housemates had all been in the garden discussing conspiracy theories about this series.

Michael was sitting with them, but as Dan told the housemates not too discuss it as it’s not appropriate, Michael stormed into the kitchen to push the diary room button.

"I'm not a fucking liar!” he shouted

Wolfy, who was doing the washing up, said: “Who’s calling you a liar?”

Michael continued “Everyone! They’re like, it’s not appropriate to talk about it!”

“The lie, because I’m like f***ing next to them. I’m really just…calm down Michael”

Wolfy told him: “I need to calm down as well babe.”

Michael added “I’m sick of it!”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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