Big Brother 2013 house has a secret luxury bedroom


This year's Big Brother house has a secret bedroom, it's been revealed.

While the house that's been revealed us so far is rather basic, the new 'surprise' bedroom is more of the luxury that we've seen in the past.

The smaller bedroom includes just a handful of beds, including two doubles, housing up to five housemates.

But it also has its own toilet, shower and bath, something which is currently missing in the main house.

As it stands there's no bathroom at all for the housemates, while they have to shower outside and with the help of another housemate, who must turn a crank to provide water.

The luxury bedroom can be accessed via a secret doorway in the garden, although it remains to be seen just how it will fit into Big Brother's plans.

The house also features a large task room, accessed via the living area, and a smaller task room, upstairs and accessible via a secret door in the Diary Room.

There's also a gym, although this is no doubt for the Celebrity version of the show in August rather than for our current housemates.

Browse pictures of the Big Brother house below...

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