Big Brother 2013: Michael Dylan's 'acting' is the talk of the house

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Big Brother 2013 mole Michael Dylan's mission could be almost over, as the other housemates seem to be on to him.

Michael entered the house on Day 1 as any other housemate, but is really an actor being controlled by both us and Big Brother.

But some of the housemates quickly became suspicious, and Sallie Axl and Dan Neal still aren't convinced the apparent cheeky chappy from Ireland is genuine.

It follows Michael's 'nominations' on Monday, which were really the result of a public vote.

"If he's an actor should he really be allowed to nominate?" Dan pondered, "If there's a double eviction this week, I'd be suspicious."

Nominated Sallie speculated hopefully: "Perhaps there was no nominations and the person who's really going to go is just going into a secret house."

She added: "I don't feel he's genuine but perhaps he's not a genuine person.

"It's just from one extreme to the other, but they put us in here for a reason so maybe he is just like that."

Dan agreed: "It just doesn't make sense, the way he sits there like a zombie, I've never seen anyone like that."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.