Big Brother 2013: Day 5 highlights and recap


Day 5 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the first nomination results, and it was a tense one!

And the tension started right from the word go, with it being the morning after Gina’s altercation with Jemima which resulted in Big Brother issuing Jemima with a formal warning.

In the garden, Charlie told Jemima ‘everyone’s going to display all different sides in here; you’re just one of the first to have an argument affect you’. Jemima responded saying that because Gina has already had an argument with Sallie, she probably picks on people she feels threatened by.

Sophie, Michael and Gina were in the bedroom discussing people pretending, to avoid not being nominated by Michael as he is the only person to nominate this week. Gina asked after Jackie’s slip up at the dinner table, now that he knows they have all been watching him in the diary room, does he feel he can tell which people are being nice to him to avoid a nomination. Michael said he has noticed a change and that he will be ‘taking them downtown, big time!’

Gina went to the diary room to complain about how filthy the house is. ‘The shower is irritating, no fresh towels and I actually washed my clothes and towel yesterday. I was proud of myself’. Gina went on to request a vacuum cleaner as she would like to learn how to use one, before changing her mind and requesting that Big Brother provides a cleaner.

After watching Michael talk about who he might nominate in the diary room the night before, Hazel and Sallie were talking in the garden about his reasons for nominating Sallie and that when he gets upset he always go to bed. Discussion turned to the thought of him being an actor and Sallie states that if she was an actress in the house she would go to bed to escape from acting. Hazel states that she wouldn’t do that as she was being paid, she would do a ‘damn good job’.

The housemates gathered in the living room to receive the task results from the Temper, Temper task. They were informed that because Charlie sabotaged the task and got her mother to lose her temper they passed and they would receive some relaxation treats. Many of the housemates were justifying why they knew that it was a bit suspicious. Sallie says of Charlie, ‘I knew she was more sporty than that!’ and Joe shouts ‘Charlie is the mole!’ All the housemates start shouting ‘Charlie is the mole!’

In the kitchen, Gina needed help turning on the oven and Dexter was in shock that she is even attempting to cook.

Michael went to the diary room to receive the nomination results as voted by the public and also their reasons for these votes. His reaction: ‘Brilliant, brilliant. Back in the game!’

After nominations took place, the other housemates are diffusing the tension between Sallie, Dexter and Michael in the living room. The twins Jack and Joe were sitting in the tree house discussing their agreement with Michael’s choices and his reasons.

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