Big Brother 2013: Jemima Slade threatens to quit over warning


Jemima Slade has threatened to quit Big Brother 2013 after being issued with a formal warning.

Jemima was called into the Diary Room by Big Brother on last night's show after a row with Gina Rio.

Gina accused Jemima of racism after a discussion about guys.

“I go for darker looking, not black, but darker feature, Mediterranean. I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy," Jemima said. "I like darker guys, but not black guys. Wouldn’t really go for Chinese. I like mixed race.”

She told Gina: “I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy…, I’ve gone out with Indian guys, I’d generally go out with someone in there 30s.”

Jemima later added: "You probably wouldn’t go for a white guy."

BB hauled Jemima into the Diary Room and warned her that the comments could be seen as offensive by bother her fellow housemates and viewers.

But Jemima clearly felt he warning unfair, and told Dan: “I just feel like walking, going home.

“They just gave me a formal warning. They said if you say anything like that again you’ll be removed from the house. So I just said I might as well go now then."

She added: “It was totally blown out of proportion. I’ll just shut up now and not say a f***ing word. I just feel like packing my bag and leaving.”

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