Big Brother 2013 nominations: Dexter Koh is NOT a happy bunnny!

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Big Brother UK housemate Dexter Koh has had a bit of a tantrum over being nominated.

Gina Rio, Dexter Koh and Sallie were put up for eviction on last night's Big Brother 2013 nomination results, as voted for by the public.

At first, Dexter seemed to take the news quite well, at least better than Salie!

However he soon retreated to the smoking area with Gina for a bit of a bitch.

"I was f**king genuinely caring about him, I'm absolutely f**king pissed," Dex ranted. "I can't believe it, f**king little f**ker.

"I'll tell you what, no more Mr nice Koh. The happy go lucky little Irishman is all an act."

The self-proclaimed ex sugar daddy continued: "He's the one who said he's in here to win and get the money. I'm not in here for the money or fame, I'm here for the craic and to make some friends. I thought he was a friend."

It wasn't long before Dexter's anger turned to upset and tears, as he confronted Michael in the bedroom.

"For me coming in here is a deep learning curve as I've got a lot more insecurities than anyone else," he told the mole.

Under the belief that it would still be a Vote To Save, Dexter went on: "Who's going to vote for me? I shouldn't have got so emotional, it's just all the pressure and everything."

This year however it's back to Vote to Evict, and it means Dexter could well be saved from the cop this week.

Vote for which of the trio you want booted out in our poll below...

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Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.