Big Brother 2013: Mole Michael to sabotage shopping task

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Big Brother UK mole Michael Dylan will have to sabotage this week's first shopping task.

Later today the housemates will get the chance to win a luxury shopping budget, no doubt much needed after spending their first few days in the house living off basic rations.

The group will have to stack oversized groceries into a giant - and unbalanced - shopping trolly.

The housemates must work as a team to create a tower from the groceries that must reach a certain height in order to pass the task.

However, there's a twist.

The housemates are unaware that it will be impossible for them to ever pass the task, thanks to Big Brother and his mole Michael.

Michael must do everything in his power to sabotage the task, leaving the house with a basic budget to spend on this week's shopping.

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