Big Brother 2013 nomination results: Gina Rio, Dexter Koh, Sallie Axl face eviction

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Gina Rio, Dexter Koh and Sallie Axl have been announced as the first Big Brother 2013 nominees!

Big Brother announced last Friday night that, as Head Housemate, Michael Dylan will be the only one to nominate this week.

He'll be immune from the public vote and will have to name the three people he wants to see go up for eviction.

However as the People's Puppet, Michael's three nominations will in fact be ours, with lines having opened during Saturday night's highlights show to vote for the housemates we want to put up for eviction.

Lines closed earlier today and tonight, Michael announced his 'nominations' to the housemates in the Diary Room, with reasons made up of comments from Twitter users.

The first was Gina for "not doing things around the house" and making the show "all about her".

"Boring" Dexter Koh got the second nomination, for "only ever talking about himself".

Finally, the third nomination went to Sallie for "always fighting to be centre of attention".

While Gina and Dexter took their nominations in good faith, Sallie branded Michael a "d**khead".

She snapped: "I f**king hate liars. He sits there pretending to be friends with people."

And the glamour model warned: "If I'm still here I'm going to cause hell."

Who will stay and who will go? Add your comments and vote in our poll below!

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Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.