Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers set secret task to wind up her mum!


In today's Big Brother task Temper, Temper, Charlie Travers set secret task to wind up her mum!

Big Brother challenges one pair of Housemates to test their teamwork skills. One Housemate is blindfolded, and must be guided by the other to complete a challenge in order to win a reward.

However, the Housemate can actually see through the blindfold, as the real task is to make their partner lose their temper by being deliberately useless.

Big Brother calls Charlie to the Diary Room. She is told that her and her Mother Jackie will be playing a simple puzzle game that should be completed easily. The task will involve Charlie being blindfolded and ordering letters to spell out ‘TENSION’ in the Garden.

Jackie will be in the Tree House and shouting instructions.
However, the blindfold is in fact fake and Charlie will actually be able to see. The real task is that she must sabotage it on purpose get Jackie to shout instructions and lose her temper. They have 5 minutes to complete it.
Later that afternoon, housemates will be gathered and told the secret reveal of the task.

If Jackie gets suitably annoyed by the inability to follow orders, they will pass the task and earn relaxing massage oils for the housemates to enjoy.

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