Big Brother 2013: Is Dexter Koh a fake? The 'self-made sugar daddy' begs for freebies

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2013 housemate Dexter Koh has bragged non stop about his riches, but is there more to his story?

The self-branded PR expert hit the headlines after apparently spending over £121,000 on champagne on a night out last year, and boasted on last night's show about gambling a million pounds... and losing it.

However Dexter's story has already failed to convince some his fellow housemates, with Jackie Travers laughing off his claims of being a 'ex sugar daddy' before the age of 30.

In his VT we saw Dexter brag about being a "celebrity publicist" who both "made the headlines" and "broke the headlines", but his company - Earth Horse PR - was only incorporated in April of this year.

And as for his plush white Rolls Royce Ghost car in his opening clip, which featured a personalised D1 number plate? Well it was hired from the London Chauffeuring company, who are more used to ferrying around brides to be than wannabes.

But perhaps the biggest hint that Dexter's not all he claims to be are his various tweets, which suggested his riches - if he ever had any - have all run out.

Just days before entering the house, the 28-year-old was seen asking followers for "cracked" software, writing online: "**Geek request …Anyone got a cracked version of "Camtasia 2"for mac ££ waiting its urgent. Thanks in advance..."

Ignoring the legalities of such a tweet for the moment, just how much does this software cost that London's most notorious Sugar Daddy can't afford it?


Yup, a smidgen under £70 is too much for our Dex.

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