Big Brother 2013 nomination results to be revealed LIVE tonight!

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There will be a special live show tonight, as the first Big Brother 2013 nomination results are revealed.

Big Brother announced on Friday that, as Head Housemate, Michael Dylan will be the only one to nominate this week.

He'll be immune from the public vote and will have to name the three people he wants to see go up for eviction.

Of course, we all know Michael is a mole and is being controlled by Big Brother and us viewers.

His three nominations will in fact be ours, with lines having opened during Saturday night's highlights show to vote for the housemates we want to put up for eviction.

Lines close at midday today (Monday, June 17) and the three or more housemates with the most votes will be put up for eviction.

The bookies reckon that it'll be one of the girls who goes first with Gina Rio, Sallie Axl and Jemima Slade all in trouble according to the latest odds from Ladbrokes, although Dexter Koh is also struggling to win support.

We'll know the names from 10PM this evening, with the last part of tonight's show going live to the house for the news.

However it remains to be seen whether or not there will be a normal eviction, with lines opening again to vote to save our favourite of the three nominees.

Big Brother will reveal all in due course...