Big Brother 2013: Cop Dan Neal is on to 'acting' Michael Dylan!

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It looks like Michael Dylan's big secret is about to be exposed on Big Brother 2013.

Dan Neal has been using his copper's sense and reckons Michael has been acting.

It follows Big Brother once again stitching mole Michael up in new task, which saw the other housemates watch his Diary Rom entry regarding this week's nominations.

Big Brother played in footage from Michael's chat where he discussed - and mainly slated - the other housemates.

The housemates believe that only Michael will be nominating, however his three nominations will in fact be chosen by us viewers.

Once again, Big Brother told the other housemates not to let Michael know they had seen his chat in the Diary Room, although of course Michael was well aware of what was going on the whole time.

In the Diary Room, he told Big Brother: "It's so hard, I feel like nobody trusts me.

"I don't trust Sallie, I wouldn't trust Dexter at all, I think all he cares about is money."

Michael continued to criticise his fellow housemates as they watched on, saying: "I love Sophie, she' a good egg, but I don't know, they could all be talking about me behind my back.

"I'm second guessing everything they say, do they really mean it?"

He continued: "Gina... I'm sorry, but she's incredibly stuck up! She's a spoilt brat!"

In the living area, Dan sensed something was up.

"This doesn't feel real to me, this doesn't feel like he's being real, this is staged, this is set up," he said.

However usually skeptic Sallie insisted: "This is real!"

But Gina agreed with Dan: "He's acting!"

Has Michael's cover been blown?

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.