Big Brother 2013: Day 3 highlights and recap

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

Here's a run down of all the house action from Day 3 in the Big Brother 2013 house.

It was the morning after Gina’s altercation with Sallie which resulted in Big Brother issuing the socialite with a formal warning. In the bedroom, Sallie told Gina not to speak to her ‘ever again like that’, which caused the two to start arguing again. Dan and Hazel advised Sallie to completely ignore Gina.

Jackie felt sorry for Gina and told her not to take it personally; Charlie advised her mum not to get involved in the situation. Jemima commented that Gina looks like ‘an Ann Summers centrefold’.

In the bedroom, Dan explained to Charlie, Hazel and Dexter that he had his son when he was 20 years old.

Gina spoke to Callum about her argument with Sallie. He explained that he is not taking sides and perhaps she should apologise to Sallie; Gina said she won’t be apologising.

Big Brother called Michael into the diary room and provided him with a box of treats full of chocolate, sweets and biscuits. He wa warned that these treats are only for him and can’t be shared with his housemates. If any of his fellow housemates eat a treat from the box - the house will be punished. Michael grinned and returned to the house with his treat box, announcing if a housemate eats a treat it would result in the house being punished.

Sallie announced that she wants to eat the sweets as she thinks that the house may win something or get their personal belongings back. Michael reiterated that the house will be punished. Sallie took the risk and ate a sweet; housemates looked on in shock.

The Housemates took part in their first task: ABC-CRETS. One at a time housemates stepped up to a stage where a board next to them presented a multiple choice question about what their secrets are. On each board there was one true secret and two false secrets. Within ten seconds the other housemates had to stand on one of the corresponding A B C circles to give their answer as to what they believed the real secret to be. If a majority of housemates guessed the correct answer, they won the house a point.

Big Brother announced that the housemates passed the task and won a delicious dinner. However, as Sallie ate a treat from head housemate Michael’s treat box, Big Brother would not be providing the house with the reward of dinner and drinks. Sallie shrugs this off.

Michael pretended he is crying in the toilet because his ‘secret’ that he left his fiancé the day before his wedding was revealed in the task. Hazel comforted him.

Big Brother gathered housemates on the sofa and announces that head housemate Michael must pick a housemate to join him for a private dinner in the tree house. He told the housemates that he’s choosing Gina as he hasn’t spoken to her as much as the other housemates. Gina was pleased and they head to the tree house for their pizza and champagne private dinner.

Jemima told Daley that she thinks Gina is shallow and opinionated. She thinks she is like a time bomb waiting to go off.

At the end of the show, Gina spoke to Big Brother about how happy Wolfy is as a person, and that she would like to take her shopping.

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