Big Brother 2013: Choose which two housemates to send to jail!

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Big Brother is about to get tough for two unlucky housemates!

We teased the jail in the garden before the series started last month and now it's about to be put into action.

Mole Michael Dylan will tonight choose two housemates to send to prison as part of his role as Head Housemate.

But of course, Michael's decisions will really be ours.

Head on over to the Channel 5 Big Brother website now to cast your own, and check back later this evening to see who the two chosen housemates are, and how they react to the news!

It's been a tough day already for Michael, who has already had to probe his fellow housemates with some testing questions.

Throughout this afternoon, Michael has been asking the most popular questions as posed by Twitterers using the #BBUK hashtag.

The top three questions were:

1) If you had the power to evict one person right now, who would it be?

2) Who’s the biggest wannabe?

3) To Sallie: Who do you fancy the most?

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