Big Brother 2013: Sallie Axl punished for stealing Michael's sweets!

Sallie Axl (Big Brother 2013)

Sallie Axl has faced the wrath of Big Brother for pinching one of Michael Dylan's sweets!

As the head housemate, Michael - who is really a mole working for Big Brother - was awarded a special box of goodies yesterday.

Michael's treats included all of the housemates' favourite indulgences, including sweets, biscuits and cakes.

But only he could eat them, or there would be punishments.

However temptation got the better of Sallie, who pinched a bonbonin defiance of Big Brother's rules.

Later in the evening and the group were given their first task, ABC-Crets, where the housemates had to identify the true statements about one another.

For passing the task, Big Brother awarded a luxury meal, booze and treats... before quickly taking them away again for Sallie's rule breaking.

It was another night of dinner made up of basic rations for the housemates...

Watch all the action on Big Brother 2013 tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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