Big Brother 2013 housemates set ABC-CRETS tasks


The Big Brother UK housemates were set their first task in the house yesterday, as they were challenged to take part in ABC-CRETS.

In a bid to break the ice between the the group, Big Brother explained that he would be revealing three potential secrets about each housemate in turn.

The other housemates then had to guess which of the three statements was the real secret by selecting the corresponding letter from A, B or C.

The housemates would win a point for every correct statement identified, with eight or more points needed to pass the task.

As the task progressed, we learned quite a bit about the housemates, such as Joe's love of Eurovision and Dan's colouring in of his facial hair with mascara.

The housemates also got to know a bit more about one another, as it was revealed that Gina spent £18,000 a month on rent, Sophie has webbed feet and Jackie once performed alongside Elton John!

Meanwhile, Mole Michael's secret was chosen by the viewers, and the housemates were told that his 'true' secret was that he left his fiance on the night before their wedding.

Other secrets included Hazel's love of baby food, Jack's moob and soon trick, Callum's life saving skills and Salle's past as a Lulu impersonator!

The task will air on tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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