Big Brother 2013 news: Sallie Axl steals Michael Dylan's treats!

Sallie Axl (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2013 mole Michael Dylan has been winding up his fellow housemates this evening.

The undercover housemate today was given a box of treats by Big Brother, as part of his role as Head Housemate.

Big Brother delivered the wrapped box to the house via the hatch, making sure that every single one of the other housemates knew about his special treat!

Inside the box was a selection of sweets, cakes and other tasty tidbits for Michael and Michael alone to enjoy.

Gina wasn't too bothered, insisting: "I don't like those sweets anyway", but both Callum and Sophie weren't too impressed.

However Big Brother warned that any other housemate spotted stealing Michael's treats would be severely punished.

But it didn't take long until the group gave into temptation, with Hazel and Sallie the first to start pinching the sweets.

Sallie speculated: "It could be a double bluff, we could be more punished if we don't eat the stuff. We should use our own initiative!"

As she shoved one of Michael's bonbons into her mouth, she added: "If it was salmon I'd have eaten it ages ago!"

See what punishment BB has in store for Sallie later today...

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