Are the Big Brother 2013 housemates on to Michael Dylan already?!

Sallie Axl (Big Brother 2013)

Is it already all over for Big Brother mole Michael Dylan already?

Last night we saw apparent postman Michael enter the house, and as far as his other housemates are concerned, he's just one of them.

Only Big Brother and us viewers know that Michael is actually an actor working for BB!

But already it seems that Michael's cover could be blown, by a very curious Sallie Axl.

"There are conspiracies in everything people!" she told the group today. "People are out to manipulate people.

"How do we know everyone in here is a real housemate, how do we know someone isn't a mole?"

Speaking in the Diary Room, Michael confessed that Sallie was trying to work everything out.

He said: “I’m having a great time; I just want to jump around the house and say you’re all suckers! Sallie, clever girl, she knows people."

Michael continued: "I thought Dexter might be on to it but all you have to do is let him talk about himself and he gets confused. Sophie, she’s clever as well, she keeps her cards close to her chest so let’s watch out for her as well.”

Meanwhile, Sallie is already after some new housemates.

She told the others: "I can't wait for new people to come in. I hope there's a really hot lad and a hot girl, a smoking hot girl. There's not enough people."

Not long to wait, Sallie...

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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