Big Brother 2013 news: Dexter Koh, Sallie Axel clash (yes, already!)

Dexter Kok (Big Brother 2013)

The BBUK housemates have barely been in the house, yet there's already been some arguments.

And surprisingly, it didn't involve mole Michael's apparent decision to shred their suitcases.

Instead, it was self-confessed sugar daddy Dexter Koh and glamour model Sallie Axl.

As the housemates bonded, Dexter told Sallie of the time he made the papers after spending over £100,000 on drink during a night out.

He said: “I wanted it, I paid a lot in service charge, I know what I did was stupid but people shouldn’t discriminate against me. I can enjoy a bag of chips like the rest of them.”

But Dexter got annoyed when Sallie began repeating the story to the other housemates.

“Between me and you, I thought what you did downstairs was a bit of a low blow to be honest," he told her after the pair got together alone later. "You didn’t have to point it out. You should have let me say, rather than you putting it out.”

A clearly unconcerned Sallie replied: “You are known for that, everyone knows that."

Dexter however continued: “I expected more because I really like you as a person and I have always liked you and I thought it was just a little bit snaky and I expected more from you.”

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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