Big Brother 2013 housemates have their suitcases shredded!

Michael Mole (Big Brother 2013)

The new Big Brother 2013 housemates had their suitcases shredded this evening, as part of an evil launch night twist!

Earlier tonight, Big Brother revealed Michael the mole, a fake housemate who is under the control of both BB and us.

After all the Big Brother UK housemates entered this evening, Big Brother called one housemate to the Diary Room, which was Michael.

As the housemate who came to the Diary Room, Michael became the first Head Housemate, this gave him "special privileges" but also meant he had to make some harsh decisions.

The first of these involved the housemates' suitcases, with BB giving Michael two options:

- Get his own suitcase, but have the suitcases belonging to all the other housemates shredded


- Get the suitcases to all of the other housemates at the expense of his own.

Of course, Michael was in on the whole thing, and so provided some drama by choosing the former option, much to the shock of his fellow housemates.

Sallie was very vocal about Michael's decision, even more so when Big Brother opened the windows to the garden to reveal an industrial shredder, which quickly cut up the suitcases before their owners' eyes!

But, this being Secrets and Lies, the suitcases were just fakes, the real ones are safe and sound, for the moment...

Big Brother 2013 continues live on Channel 5!

Browse pictures of tonight's BBUK live launch below...

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