POLL: Big Brother 2013 housemates - who is your early favourite?


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have been revealed, but who's your VERY early favourite?

We've only been getting to know the latest batch of BBUK housemates for a few hours, but that's plenty of time to form some early first impressions.

On Thursday the first housemates entered, and amongst the first into the house this year were chubby twins Jack and Joe, who's idol is Richard Branson.

There was bisexual fire breathing model Sallie Axl, self-confessed gold digger Jemima Slade and Irish postie Michael... who is really Big Brother's mole!.

Hunky Callumn Knell was next into the house, along with lesbian fisherwoman Wolfy Millington and stockroom assistant Sam, who reckons he looks just like Harry Styles!

Secret karate expert Sophie Lawrence was into the house shortly after, followed by the final housemate of the night, young sugar daddy and strip club owner Dexter.

Tonight's new faces included the first ever mum and daughter to enter the house, in the form of Jackie Travers and Charlie Travers.

There was hunky ex Police officer Dan Neal, as well as lingerie model Hazel O'Sullivan and champ boxer Daley Ojuederie, another hottie to add to the line up!

Finally there was Gina Rio, who has previously been branded The Most Spoiled Girl In Britain, a title which she loves to live up to.

Who is already winding you up and which of the group do you think you may end up championing to win?

Of course, with some nine weeks until the final, we expect all our feelings will change sooner rather than later.

Vote for your favourite in our first Big Brother popularity poll of the series below...

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Big Brother 2013 continues to air on Channel 5 every night.

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