When does Big Brother 2013 start? All you need to know about this year's BBUK launch

Emma Willis (Big Brother 2013)

The Big Brother 2013 start date details have now been revealed, with a two part launch and plenty of live streaming.

The first week of the show will see no fewer than seven different shows, including two separate launch nights.

It all starts on Thursday 13th June from 9PM, with the first 90 minute opener fronted by Emma Willis where - we hope - all about this year's Secrets and Lies twist will be revealed.

Spin-off show Bit on the Side follows straight after, also on Channel 5, with live streaming from 11:30PM after that.

On Friday and the BBUK fun begins from 7PM on 5*, with two hours of live streaming from the house or houses.

At 9PM, flick over to Channel 5 to catch the second half of the live launch, once again followed by BOTS and more streaming.

On Saturday and the first highlights will air at 9PM, followed by new show Bit on the Psych, which will see a panel of experts analyse and comment on the housemates' behaviour.

On Sunday and a new afternoon show - Bit on the Side: Rylan's Supersized Celebrity Sunday - airs from 12:50 on Channel 5, with the highlights at 9PM.

From then on it's a case of live streaming from 7PM on 5*, the daily highlights at 10PM on Channel 5 and BOTS from 11PM.

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