Big Brother 2013: #WhatsTheSecret? We wildly speculate...

Big Brother 2013

The first Big Brother 2013 promo aired yesterday and we're in a spin over just what it all means.

The Big Brother 2013 #WhatsTheSecret promo is only six seconds long but has already provided us with more than enough to start wildly speculating over what it all means.

And here's our top five ideas...

1. A nod to 'Secret Story' in France
Big Brother has rather different formats around the world and in France it's not even called Big Brother. The original French format was called 'Secret Story' and added a new layer of gameplay to the show, as our pals over at BBSpy explain in some detail if you're interested. The basic change to the show is that every housemate has a secret and there are rewards for keeping it or guessing the secrets of other housemates, but punishments for having your secret exposed.

2. Another house?!
While there's been a few attempts to have a 'second' house over the years, they've only ever taken place in the middle of the series. We'd love to see two houses from the start, with both sides being led to believe they are the only housemates.

3. There will FINALLY be a real mole!
Perhaps Channel 5 will actually try to put a real mole into the house, rather than the poor attempts in previous years such as Mario's opening night twist and Thaila Zucchi's bizarre appearance. We'd want to see a normal housemate who is actually a member of production. The twist would last for the whole series, or at least for more than a few days.

4. Zezi Ifore is making a comeback
That's assuming anyone can find the very short lived Big Brother Little Brother presenter. Anyone? Seriously, has anyone seen her? We're quite worried...

The least likely and one we truly hope isn't true is that the secret is that there is no secret, and the whole thing is just a (quite good) marketing ploy to get us talking about the new series.

What do you lot think? Add your comments below!

Big Brother 2013 starts in June on Channel 5.

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