Big Brother 2014: Emma Willis reckons she'd be a boring housemate

Emma Willis (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2014 presenter Emma Willis reckons she'd make a boring housemate herself.

Emma returns as the host of the Channel 5 series this summer, but you won't ever see her on the inside.

Despite being to a huge superfan of the show, Emma thinks she'd be an awful housemate.

Asked if she would ever consider entering Celebrity Big Brother, Emma told us: "I don’t know, I’ve thought about this a lot, I’ve said I’d never ever do it, but when I thought it was ending, I changed my mind, thinking ‘Surely if I love it so much why wouldn’t I want to experience it?’ I want to see every side of it. And then you go in the camera runs and watch them and go ‘Nooo…’"

Emma continued: "Everyone says they know what they’re getting into but until you’re in it, I don’t think you can anticipate how you’ll feel or how it’ll mess with your head. It’s a very odd situation to put yourself in. Props to those who do it."

But if Emma did end up as a housemate, she reckons she wouldn't make for great telly.

"I think I’d be quite quiet. I think they [the other housemates] would think I was boring… I could talk to them about Big Brother all day," the brunette beauty told us. "I’m quite nosy… quietly nosy. Maybe that nosiness would be seen as gossiping.

"Things can change in there, me having a chinwag with someone... they might turn around and say ‘that bitch!’!"


Big Brother 2014 starts next month on Channel 5.

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