Big Brother 2013: Emma Willis claims only Davina McCall is a bigger fan!

Emma Willis

Big Brother 2013 host Emma Willis reckons only Davina McCall is a bigger fan of the show!

Talking to us about the new series, Emma said she was very much a superfan of the show and was now feeling the pressure of having to host it on her own.

"I’m out of the closet with my obsession!" Emma said. "There’s no hiding it, I’m out three and proud!"

Emma, who has been working on the show since it was still on Channel 4, claimed: "The only person who has watched more is Davina. When I’m at the house all I do is watch the live feed.

"I think I’m really nosy, people interest me and I like watching them and I do it whether I’m in a cab or restaurant or watching Big Brother. I’m intrigued by them… and nosy."

Meanwhile, the mum-of-two confessed she sometimes has to do some revision for the start of the new series.

She explained to us: "I brush up on my BB now and then, last year I had a runner print out a picture and names of every contestant.

"My dressing room was covered in the faces of contestants. I’ve loved every season… apart from 4… but I still watched it. When I think when you’re doing a job like this where a lot of viewers are addicts they want someone who knows what they’re talking about, so I want to make sure I know who everyone is."

Emma is back on the show Friday night for the first live eviction.

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