Big Brother 2013: Emma Willis wants older housemates


Big Brother 2013 superfan (and new host) Emma Willis has called on bosses to put in more older housemates this year.

The first ever series of Big Brother on Channel 5 two years ago saw all the wannabes aged 30 or under, a move which producers admitted last year was a mistake.

And Emma agrees, saying she too wants to see a better mix of contestants in the summer.

She said: “Big Brother will get a really good mix of characters, the last civilian one was good but there wasn’t a diverse enough group of characters, they were all quiet similar same age.

“I’m hoping this one will bring a more varied bag of people. I’d like to see some older housemates.”

However Emma’s reasons for wanting older housemates are rather practical: simply because they’ll be sure to clean up the house!

She added: “Older contestants add a different dimension, we saw that in the last series that you need to have some form of boundaries, otherwise you just live in a crap hole.

“You need a mother figure you need some form of discipline in the house.

“It’s also interesting to see people of different ages and how they interact in the house rather than just a bunch of people who are the same age.”

Big Brother 2013 returns to Channel 5 in June.

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