Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Claire Richards blasts Heidi and Spencer!


She may not have won Celebrity Big Brother 2013, but Claire Richards is over the moon that Spencer and Heidi didn't either!

The Steps singer has revealed she's no plans to even speak to the American pair now that the show is over, and wants them out of the UK!

Speaking after Friday's final, Claire said: "I am just glad Speidi didn't win. I don't think I'd have any need to talk to them."

Claire continued: "I think my feelings have disappeared - I don't care any more. I don't bear any grudges. I just feel my relationship with them is over."

But despite apparently not caring, Claire snapped: "The sooner they go back to American and leave us alone, the better."

Meanwhile, Claire said she was hoping to introduce CBB winner Rylan to her bandmate Ian H Watkins.

Although the singer confessed she wasn't sure what would happen!

Claire laughed: "They're both like naughty little kids. Either that or they'd hate each other!"

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